“I highly recommend Joe Watts for orthopedic massage. When I first came to him, I had been seeing a chiropractor regularly but wasn’t getting the desired results. They suggested I might benefit from seeing an orthopedic massage therapist in conjunction with their adjustments, and they recommended Joe. The initial massages were quite painful as my muscles had been “locked up” for so long. But with regular visits to Joe and continued adjustments from the chiropractor, I went from barely being able to walk to hiking! I am very thankful for Joe’s knowledge and expertise in the area of orthopedic massage and have recommended him to numerous friends in the area.”
Karen F.

“For seven years I’ve had hip and leg problems that make me feel crippled, especially after sitting for a while. When I moved to the Lexington area two years ago, I went through four chiropractors, a physiotherapist, and a massage therapist with no relief. Finally I found Joe Watts. An hour or two after my first treatment, I started my daily (painful) walk. Only this time after a block, I stopped in my tracks and in shock exclaimed to my husband, “it doesn’t hurt anymore!” For the year or so that I went to Joe, he kept me walking with no or very little pain. Words can’t express how much I wish he still lived in Kentucky.”
Irene R.

“Joe Watts’ massage work helped me get through a period of back troubles. He was able to tell me what areas were most affected and how to work on them on my own. His understanding of the body and its systems helped me maintain better posture and strengthen my back.”
Steven S.

“I began seeing Joe in July, 2012, for pain related to surgery on several cervical and thoracic discs. I also have fibromyalgia, which added to the pain. I wanted a massage therapist who had orthopedic training as I have a lot of hardware in my neck and shoulder region and it concerned me about seeing someone not trained in that area. Joe is very knowledgeable in his field. He explained the therapy thoroughly and addressed any concerns I had. He is a very professional massage therapist. I will always have some pain but with the therapy I received from Joe, it became manageable. I highly recommend Joe and was very sorry to see him leave our area.”
Linda E

“I have been seeing Joe Watts for a plan of massage therapy for over five years; I highly recommend him to anyone who needs the services of a dedicated, caring, and professional.”
Kay Anne W.

“I went to Joseph Watts with severe lower back pain after having my second child. He explained his technique which is different from your everyday cookie cutter massage centers. After one session with Joseph, I noticed major changes in the level of my pain. I highly recommend his services.”
Kristen M.